Putting on your bra when your skin is wet is like wrestling with satan

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Claude Bragdon. Mathematical Abstraction No. 5, Study in Complementaries. 1939.
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Tea for Astral Travel
- 1 tsp chamomile  - 1 tsp dried rose petals - 1 tsp rosemary - 1 tsp cinnamon chips - 1/2 tsp Mugwort
Blend ingredients and steep. As the tea steeps, recite the following.
"Dreaming tea of quite night Take my spirit to psychic flight Show the realms and worlds to me As my body lets my spirit roam free When I am done, lay me to sleep As my spirits journey is complete.”
PLEASE NOTE: You should not consume mugwort is you are pregnant or nursing.


Thank god the eyebrow trend covered up the thigh gap trend bc hating your body should never be a thing

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The good thing about being stuck on the Jungle Cruise: how often do you get to do a panorama of the elephant bathing pool?
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Protect your peace. Get rid of toxicity. Cleanse your space. Cultivate love."
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Iced Dream (by wboland)